To be clear, I don’t actually think there’s such a thing as reading too much YA—my bookshelves will happily attest to this. That said…it might be because I fit every single one of these criteria:

1. You know exactly which house you’re in, what faction you are, and what your Grace would be. *waves at fellow Ravenclaws and Erudites*

2. You make your dating decisions based on whether someone’s a Gale or a Peeta. (Or a Katniss or a Bella.)

3. You come up with lengthy internal dissertations on topics such as how you would die in the Hunger Games (fact: I would trip and fall into a river on the way to grab my weapon) and whether you’re the DUFF.

4. You start referring to cute guys as your “book boyfriends” to your friends. And coworkers. And parents. And husband.

5. Other people dream of someday living on Park Avenue. You dream of RavkaRifthold, or  Jellicoe Road. (And silently, you’ve vowed to keep Raffy around for life, too.)

6. You become confused at the sight of parents appearing for more than a few token lines of dialogue in any given conversation.

7. People you’ve officially been convinced live among us: Romantic geniesPsychic KGB spiesExtremely attractive warlocks. (And I’m not saying they don’t.)

8. You start to qualify everything else you read with statements like, “I read a great book this weekend! It was really fast paced…for an adult book.”

9. You know the plot of every single Jane Austen book…even if you’ve never read Jane Austen.

10. You wonder whether your daily life could be accurately portrayed onscreen by Shailene Woodley.

11. You don’t necessarily make a habit of solving murders, but if you did, a prep school uniform would be your detective-wear of choice.

12. You’re still nursing friendships lost in that whole Team Edward vs. Team Jacob kerfuffle. (But you were right, obviously.)

13. Other people obsessively check the mail for college acceptances or job offers. You check it for that letter from Hogwarts, coming any day now!

14. A zombie apocalypse is only the second scariest thing you can contemplate. (First? Teenage girls scorned.)

15. You used to be capable of functional thought. And then this happened.





Continuing in my quest for a lit-themed wardrobe

FANGIRL! By rainbowrowell! YAY!

I painted this today, and I’m totally going to bring it along to wear at LeakyCon this year. It’s perfect - both for its fangirl-ish-ness, and to wear for the lit track! :D

You are cosplaying a book OMG. I LOVE IT!!


We are in constant awe at the creativity and talent of some fan artists.